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Katie Holmes is in NY Moves magazine’s November issue.

NY Moves magazine

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Katie Holmes is figuring out her life in a way that few people ever expected her to.  Amidst the naysayers, the relentless paparazzi, and the cruel side effect of stardom – that everybody knows your business – Holmes is raising a daughter, nurturing a career, and taking calculated chances.  She’s not the charming starlet or the bold and brazen screen queen.  She’s just Katie Holmes.  No apologies necessary.



Katie Holmes was the picture of elegance at the Miss Meadows press conference held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles.


Miss Meadows Junket | 18.11.14
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Katie Holmes goes book shopping near Jamie Foxx’s house in Los Angeles, CA. The actress picked up what appeared to be several books and a coffee at a Barnes & Noble before returning to the actor’s home.”

Barnes & Noble | 17.11.14
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Usa Today
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USA Today spoke with Katie:


NEW YORK — A few things you may not know about Katie Holmes:

On a nasty day, she’ll sit through three movies in a row, in an actual theater, eating greasy popcorn. She’s one of those people who sometimes checks her phone during films, and gets shushed by those around her. And when she gets sandwiches at Subway — yes Subway — she vacillates between which kind of Doritos should accompany them.


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Katie Holmes poses for photos after making an appearance on Good Morning America on Monday morning (November 10) in New York City. The 35-year-old actress was on the program to promote her new movie Miss Meadows, which will hit theaters this Friday.

GMA | 10.11.14
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Arriving at GMA | 10.11.14
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Katie Holmes seen carrying her awesome Valentino Butterfly Camouflage Tote Bag as she arrives at JFK airport in NYC on November, 09th.

Airport | 10.11.14
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